Big ass ants to eat

When i was in Colombia i remember seeing an American eating hormigas culonas like chestnut (translated in English as a big ass ants they are  typical of the region of Santander where people eat them for several generations). i did’nt hold the temptation to ask him a few to give to my friends and taste some… remember a time in my childhood when I watched him with disdain … finally seeing an article in Le Monde* today gave me curiosity to discovering how to prepare them, why not remplace mead by hormigas culonas ? anyway, is rich in nutrients and do not think there is more ecologic …

Many people feel contempt with the idea to eat insects but for me the problem is not to eat them, the problem is to see them complete with their feet and eyes, is like watching a cooked chicken with  feathers beak and legs, i can eat hormigas culonas because we see only the round part that is eaten small balls like small chestnut


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